24 Hour Integrated Workers Compensation

Simplify your employee benefits package with an integrated 24 hour California workers comp insurance policy from Nocito Benefit Insurance Services.

If California workers comp insurance is a form of wage replacement for employees who have been injured while on the job, what is 24 hour integrated workers compensation?

24 hour integrated workers compensation is a combination of CA workers compensation insurance and California group health insurance into a 24 hour employee benefits solution. The 24 hour workers compensation policy will offer employees protection whether they are on or off the job.

Not only will 24 hour California workers comp insurance keep your staff protected at all times, it will help you lower your costs. Employers don’t have to worry about duplicating administrative tasks or finding multiple coverage lines – an integrated plan means that two policies can be combined into one. An integrated CA workers compensation insurance plan from Nocito Benefit Insurance Services can provide your organization with the following benefits:

  • Extended value of your overall benefits solution
  • Reduction of your insurance costs
  • Quicker return of your employees to work after an injury or illness
  • Increased productivity of your staff
  • And more…

If you’re interested in saving your company money with an integrated 24 hour California workers comp insurance plan, give the experienced agents at Nocito Benefit Insurance Services a call today.