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Group Vision Insurance

Nocito Benefit Insurance Services can help you offer more to your staff with group vision insurance in California & Nevada.

When many companies choose their employee benefits plans, they often overlook group vision insurance. California and Nevada businesses can provide their staff with broader coverages at affordable rates with the help of Nocito Benefit Insurance Services of Carmichael, CA.


It is widely known that health and dental care costs are continuing to skyrocket – which is why many employers provide insurance coverage to help ease the costs associated with visits to your doctor and dentist. But what about those employees who have less than 20/20 vision? They typically have to pay hundreds of dollars out of pocket to afford their eye exams, contacts, and glasses.


Why not provide your employees with a vision insurance plan to complement their medical and dental coverage? By offering group vision insurance, California and Nevada businesses will be more attractive to prospective employees, and more likely to hold onto current all-stars. Your employees will certainly appreciate your decision to offer group vision insurance.


If you want to learn more about group vision insurance in California or Nevada, contact Nocito Benefit Insurance Services today. You can give us a call at 888.665.3650 or simply fill out the form on this page.


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